build a DAO

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) empowers you to launch, fundraise and develop community-driven businesses and public projects without intermediaries or borders.

DAOs are secure, transparent, globally scalable and you can launch, join OR leave them in minutes.

DAOs have the potential to democratize the World economy.


Listen to Stefano B. from 14min 33s:

DAO Advantages

  • Access to borderless talent and funding

  • Decentralized, hard-to-corrupt governance on blockchain

  • You can start a DAO in 3 minutes for 3 dollars without a need for a layer, bureaucrat or a banker

  • Builds on strong network effects and (crypto)economics incentives - potentially scalable to collective intelligence and millions of engaged stakeholders

  • Can issue digital shares and mint its own currency only at a cost of an on-chain transaction - atm a couple of bucks.

  • Accepts natively decntralized cryptocurrencies and is hard to tamper with, even by corrupt regimes.

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Why DAOs are coming

  • DAO re-invents the modern corporation

  • The entire VC to stock market space is about to get disrupted

  • "Everything interesting on Ethereum are programable flexible systems of governance with public verifiability of execution and state of underlying smart contracts

  • DAOs will be part of every future ICO to make sure funds are only used to reach project milestones and any additional funds are raised as needed

  • The first state to introduce legal DAO incorporation through easy-to-use e-government system will experience hyper inflow of new smart capital and GDP growth.


Use cases

Global startups


community workspace

in nature


Start village


Develop public



Imagine you co-own a piece of everything you need in life and save money using it or make money renting it? Welcome to the shared economy of public DAOs.

Centralized power corrupts and increases inequality through debt cycles ! by Worknb.org

1. People are realizing centralized power corrupts, causes debt cycles and increases inequality.

From the New World Order to "People-centric" order | Worknb.org

2. There’s a growing demand to re-organize our society into something more fairly and democraticaly.

Types of netoworks and organizations - centralized, decentralized and distributed | Worknb.org

3. The way to do that is to embrace decentralized and distributed types of networks and organizations.

Bitcoin price prediction 2019 - 2022 | Worknb.org

4. Decentralization potential can clearly be observed in monetization of Bitcoin.

Technological innovations are being adopted at ever faster rates, now witch cryptocurrency and blockchain positioned to be the fastest in history yet | Worknb.org

5. We are still, however, very early in adoption - only ±5% of global citizens own crypto today.

The DAO Network effect | Worknb.org

6. But DAO apps with strong network effects could be ready as early as in 6 - 18 months.

To cross the chasm of crypto, blockchain and DAO adoption we need entrepreneurship, design thinking, development and education  | Worknb.org

7. As a result we could, in theory, cross the chasm of adoption in 1- 5 years.

Screenshot 2019-08-14 at 19.34.06.png

8. Also depending on how many interesting DAOs and (incentive) structures people come up with.

DAO growth prediction

9. But eventually we will see an explosion in decentralized finance & governance.