Worknb dApp - Earn income building dApps on NEAR

Worknb dApp - Earn income building dApps on NEAR

The Worknb dApp will enable you earn equity/income by contributing to decentralized applications on NEAR Protocol - as a founder, developer or community.

Our mission is to make the global idea to IPO market decentralized, efficient and fun.

Quick links

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dApp: (prototype)
Twitter: @WorknbDAO
Team chat: Worknb Labs Discord

How it works

Worknb dApp - Welcome screen and signup
Worknb dApp - Contribute to projects and proposals you like
Worknb dApp -  Your Portfolio

Business model

  1. 5% fee of total resources a dApp fundraises each round through the Worknb dApp interface and contracts (can change)

  2. 5% protocol-level royalties for all other on-chain actions using Worknb dApp (can change)


  1. NEAR account - Your ID and wallet for $NEAR and (on test net)

  2. Launch a DAO - Kickstart your dApp idea in minutes (in progress)

  3. Invest - Invest $NEAR in dApps in return for equity (in progress)

  4. Portfolio - Keep track of your crypto & dApps folio

  5. Socialise - Tinder for teaming up with others for projects

  6. Earn - Contribute your work in return for equity or $DAI

  7. Calendar - Plan your work on team projects

  8. Timeline - Personalise and switch between your work & life

  9. Elect - Consensual 2:1 liquid voting

  10. Retreat - Join group retreats at discount

  11. Go out - Get the best last minute deals near by

  12. Ride - Decentralized car-share

  13. Shop - Group shopping at discounts made easy

  14. Help the cats! - Adopt your favourite animal with crypto :)

  15. And more…


In the long run we envision Worknb dApp to become a personalised user interface pulling in blocks from any NEAR dApp.


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Current proposals

After joining Worknb you can start voting by investing $NEAR or contributing your work to these proposals:

Latest updates


If you are a developer, designer or a marketeer and you are captivated by the idea of decentralizing your favourite apps, let’s talk!

Fund the DAO

  • Round: 1

  • Fundraising: $150 000

  • In exchange for: 5% of DAO shares in WRKds equity + WRKdg governance tokens

  • In currency $NEAR, $ETH, $NANO, $BTC or $DAI.

  • At valuation: $3 000 000

  • Last updated: 17th September 2019.

Ask us anything or provide further contact details.
Chinese community - Sarah Liu

Chinese community - Sarah Liu

Worknb Retreat + Labs "Old Mill", Czechia

Worknb Retreat + Labs "Old Mill", Czechia